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Forged Pistons - superior material, design and manufacturing.

Venolia's forged racing pistons are made of tried and proven 2618 T61 or 4032 T62 alloy. The billet is heated to 800°F and forged with a 3,000 ton high-speed mechanical forge press - this produces a fine grain structure in the aluminum which yields the strongest possible blank.

It's our 50 years of experience designing forged pistons which sets us apart. We incorporate the latest technology including CAD CAM systems to develop new forgings for ever-changing head configurations and the lightweight technology demanded by today's racers. These systems are linked to the latest CNC machines to provide ultra-precise machining in all operations (like accurately-machined ring grooves for proper clearances). Our full skirt designs increases bore stability and eliminate the problem of skirt or ring collapse under high cylinder pressure or extreme RPM's.

On the street or at the track, Venolia pistons are the pro's choice.

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Wrist Pins - matching Venolia performance and quality.

The proper choice of wrist pins can be critical to your piston/rod assembly. It's important that the wrist pin you choose be strong, yet light enough for the intended application. Our wrist pins are developed specifically for use with Venolia pistons; they're available in all popular diameters including straight and tapered with various wall thickness.

Pin Buttons

One effective setup for retaining your pins is Venolia's aluminum pin buttons. They're lightweight, and stepped to index the pin. Pin buttons are stepped for stroker installation where oil ring passes over pin to give extra support.

Teflon pin buttons are also available for smaller pin diameters.

wrist pins and buttons


forged racing piston

Chrysler 426 Top Fuel Piston with Hardtuf® coating.


Hardtuf® is an aluminum oxide coating that improves the hardness, lubricity and corrosion resistance of aluminum and aluminum alloys. This optional coating is available on all Venolia Pistons.


Nitrous Oxide
When ordering pistons for use with nitrous oxide, please make note on the order form or inform your Venolia representative. Specify the approximate amount of horsepower you plan on adding with the nitrous. Due to extreme demands on piston integrity by the increased cylinder pressure and temperature, we will use slightly-different design criteria to insure maximum piston durability under these conditions.

Bore Size
The skirts on Venolia pistons are ground to fit the bore size. When ordering pistons, specify the exact bore size on the engine block. When boring the cylinders oversize, it is advisable to use standard overbore sizes which are 0.020", 0.030", 0.040" and 0.060".

Valve Clearance
The lift of the cam does not determine the amount of clearance required in the valve pocket - the amount of overlap does. Give us the valve lift at overlap at T.D.C. and plus and minus degrees from T.D.C.


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