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Venolia Racing Pistons and Rods

For more than 100 years, America has had a love affair with the automobile. From the backyard tuner/mechanic to the professional racer, increasing power and performance from cars has been an ongoing endeavor. Squeezing out that extra speed from stock engines continues to be a constant challenge for these enthusiasts.

Entering the speed equipment market in 1946, Venolia Pistons has been an integral force in important land/marine speed records plus national/international racing championships. When it comes to pistons, Venolia and "best" are synonymous.

In 1963 Venolia introduced a forged racing piston and revolutionized many categories of motorsport. Through our direct involvement in racing as well research and development, we continue to strive for increased power and efficiency that gives your engine improved performance. Constant changes in engine design creates new needs for racers and enthusiasts seeking the best possible performance. Venolia continually examines new concepts so that products can be quickly adapted to the latest market requirements.

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